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Mercury’s position means communication becomes intense, observational, and probing, with a tendency to interrogate.

As of October 23, Scorpio season is here and chances are you’ve already begun feeling the shift of energies as water overcomes air.

According to, a message from an acquaintance could send you down a new path toward a new goal.

Relations with everyone around you, from your romantic partner to the most casual of acquaintances, should be warm and congenial.

And remember: conversations should be stimulating.

Venus is currently in retrograde.

This means love gets even more serious, secretive, and deep.

You might want to jump into a relationship, but hold off on formal commitments until after November 16, said.

The emerald-eyed monster could rear its head under Saturday’s moon-Neptune square, but the facts are likely to be obscured.

According to astrologers and identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut on Libra should buckle up as the moon squares randomiser Neptune this Sunday.

The Eduts’ said: “Instead of getting overwhelmed, put your nose to the grindstone and tackle each task one at a time­—and call for backup if need be.

“Sunday’s stars remind you that your body is your temple—but how have you been treating it lately?

“Have you been a respectful steward, feeding it healthy delights and incorporating movement into your days?

“Or have you been indulging that Libra sweet tooth and promising to get to the gym “next week?”

For Scorpios he emerald-eyed monster could rear its head under Saturday’s moon-Neptune square.

The twins said: “Get the facts first before you lash out.

“You’re in an emotional pressure cooker on Sunday, Scorpio, and every time you feel like you’re slightly cooling off, someone turns up the heat.

“Today, you need to keep things at a low boil and not overreact.

“Make the distinction between a passing mood and deep-seated feelings, and don’t indulge the former.

“Nesting at Chez Scorpio can bring you back to center so lay low and relax.

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