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Child Custody Lawyer: Finding Yours

The circumances surrounding a child custody battle can be stressful, costly, and emotionally draining. By choosing the right lawyer to represent your case, you can avoid a large sum of added stress, while potentially making the difference between a full custody win, or every other weekend visitation. In this article, we will provide a few tips to help you in choosing your ideal child custody attorney.

Step 1 – Begin by skimming through the attorney section of your area yellow pages. This is the first step in finding someone to represent you in court. Start a list of attorneys in your area complete with all the necessary contact information. Make sure to choose those who specialize in family cases. Those who advertise bankruptcy and DUI cases are likely not well versed in the family law specifics you will require during your case.

Step 2 – Check in with your state bar association and ask in regards to recommended family law attorneys in your area. Compare the list you are provided with the list you've come up with through the yellow pages. While you are there, also make a point to ask in regard to any complaints that have been filed against the candidates you are considering.

Step 3 – Speak with close friends and family members to find out whether they have had to use a child custody lawyer in the past. In this way, you may be able to obtain additional recommendations along with accounts regarding the interaction, whether they were satisfied with the job that was done, and whether they would hire the attorney again, if they had to do the whole thing over.

Step 4 – Evaluate the list you've complied and choose the top three candidates which you feel best suit the situation at hand. Contact each of them to schedule appointments. In most cases, you will be able to obtain an initial consultation free of charge.

Step 5 – Sit down and write out a list of questions to pose to each candidate during your initial meeting. Be prepared to discuss you're the circumstances of your case in detail, and remember to include discussions relating to custody, visitation, support, insurance coverage, trust funds, and tax filings.

Step 6 – Bring a pad and paper to each consultation and take notes. Pay attention to how the lawyer concerns with you, and whether they appear friendly, professional, and interested in the specifics of the case. Be sure you're dealing with someone who makes you feel confident in your case. Additionally, you will want to discuss payment options, and fees up front.

Step 7 – Once you've finished your set of meetings, sit down and compare the notes from each candidate. Decide which aspects are important to you, and go with the attorney who offers the ones that will benefit your situation. Avoid making a decision based solely on cost alone, as this may result in an attorney who is not quite as experienced or skilled as someone who charges a little more.

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