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Law of Attraction – Relationships – How a Love Spell Helped Me

Law of Attraction relationships tools function in another way for me than for money. When I tried to attain wealth using the Law of Attraction I did so very easily. I even retired young employing these methods. However for romance I was forced to seek extreme law of attraction methods.

An individual would probably say it was not yet my moment in time, however, when I arrived single in my latter thirties, I started to get quite a bit concerned. Why did not a vision board help me? Why did all those affirmations not get me companionship? I was tired of looking at the hot pink hat directly opposite the entrance to my empty bedroom, as per the Feng Shui manifesting guide I was using.

Suddenly I had a lucky opportunity. I had been whining to my sympathetic sister about how lonesome I was. A friend of hers had left in her possession a simple love spell. She said she would send it to me if I wanted it. She did not need it since she currently had a boyfriend.

Since I had digested every last relationship publication I could find, made sure each and every social event I attended was geared to acquiring love, learned country dancing, obtained cosmetic surgery, hired a "find your soul mate" coach, attended a "Getting Love After 35 "course, I really had exhausted most every traditional method I could find to acquire love.

I figured, "What exactly do I have to lose?" In just one week I had the relationship candle magic ritual in my hands and ignited it.

The first thing that happened was I relaxed. I decided if this thing was going to work, I would put it to the test. Therefore, I quit venturing out on Friday nights to destinations where I could meet a love interest. Instead I went out with a competent of individuals from the job for a beer at a neighborhood pub.

That day, 10 days after doing the love spell, like magic I met a guy who became my significant other for the next eight years!

You may be wondering, "What exactly does a love spell have to do with the law of attraction for relationships?" My response is, "Almost everything." Think it over. A good love ritual is simply the easiest way of focusing your thoughts, visualizing or saying yes to what you wish and then expelling it into the universal mind for completion.

I believe the thing that makes a love spell more powerful than a guided visualization, for instance, is release. Releasing what you want to the universe is integral for law of attraction relationships techniques to work.

The simplest of spells can be described by remembering how we light a candle on our birthday cake, make a wish and blow it out. All spells are based on the ancient pagan tradition of using candles, the symbol of transformation.

Next time you are fumbling around trying to get law of attraction relationships techniques to work, why not find a pink candle, say a prayer and blow it out asking for your love? It worked for me and it just might work for you.

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