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How Alibaba’s Jack Ma stays focused

But it’s inevitable that sacrifices must be made in the long run, said the teacher and entrepreneur. And recognizing that helps people to commit to their ambitions over the long term, which is often what’s needed to produce results, he said.

“Don’t think you will succeed next year, you have to prepare for 10 years,” he said, pointing out that Alibaba didn’t take just a year or two to get to where it is today.

Ma said his founding team didn’t have much money, knowledge nor industry contacts when they set up the company. But they have proven that they could succeed “by working hard, believe in the future, believe in the vision day after day to improve ourselves.”

To keep those beliefs alive, one has to ask those three questions frequently, Ma said.

“Always think about these questions and then you’ll be fearless, you’ll be optimistic, you will know what you want,” he said. “When you’re going on that, you’ll never get lost.”

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