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Brexit news: Emmanuel Macron mistake over french visa for UK as Theresa May leaves eu | Politics | News

Brexit news: Emmanuel Macron mistake over french visa for UK as Theresa May leaves eu | Politics | News 1034086 1

Mr Macron had meant to say UK citizens would not need visas if they wanted to Travel to France during a press briefing in which he was speaking in English.

Instead of saying, “we will not start visas”, he said: “We will not stop visas.

The mix-up came after the BBC’s Gavin Lee asked President Macron whether Newspaper reports of UK nationals needing visas for work or holidays in the event of a no-deal Brexit were true.

The president’s response was that “we will not stop visas, it is fake news, as some other leaders would say”, and he went on to say “we will definitely deliver visas for people”.

Mr Macron’s aides said his intentional comments had been lost in translation as they put the blunder down to a “second language” slip-up.

The aides reiterated Mr Macron had intended to say “we will not start visas for British people”.

UK citizens currently enjoy visa-free travel in the EU – but that could change with Brexit.

The UK is due to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019.

A deal with the 28-nation bloc remains elusive as Mrs May failed this week to convince EU leaders she had come up with any fresh proposals during so-called “crunch” talks in Brussels.

The discussions this week were supposed to produce the first signs of a deal between the UK and the EU.

But the bloc accused the Prime Minister of failing to come up with anything new, as the threat of a no-deal Brexit looms.

In response, German leader Angela Merkel has urged European Union members to make preparations for a no-deal outcome after the talks failed to produce a breakthrough.

Mr Macron said on Thursday: “I do prefer a deal and I want a deal, but I will never favour a bad deal.

“In case of no deal, our responsibility is to ensure that the life of our people will not be so far impacted.”

The French leader, who has recently conducted a cabinet reshuffle in a bid to claw back credibility, described the “dynamic” of the Brexit negotiations as “positive because there is a willingness on the British side to find a solution”.

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