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Nintendo and Playstation Consoles

The new WII Nintendo video game is the newest console released from a series of five. The WII is to be pronounced like a pronoun "we" and should stand for the idea that the game approaches interesting themes for children and the entire family. Nintendo Console is the successor of the Nintendo GameCube and stands for the seventh generation of level game consoles. The basic character of the Consoles is the wireless controller in form of a WII remote intended to allow the user to point certain objects by a handheld device and to permit access to three dynamic motion and rotations.

Nintendo Console is able to receive Internet data with a reduced energy consume due to the new technology of WIIConnect24 feature. The actual name of the Nintendo Console was "revolution" but the manufacturers finally preferred "wii" as it is a generally accepted term for two persons playing side-by side. The new Console is available since 2001 and in 2006 it has won its first prizes as a world recognized success game.

The musical background of the Nintendo Console is inspired by the Yoshida Brothers song "kodo" and all TV commercials for the game are based on a strategy showing parents and grandparents playing together with their children. The idea is targeted on having more and more persons of all ages interested in playing video games. The Wii Nintendo Console is the smallest of its type and can be placed either horizontally or vertically. However, the Nintendo Console producers have been criticized for the low power of the hardware as well as for the inaccurate Wii Remote.

The concurrent video games technology of the Nintendo is the Sony production PlayStation Console, a miniature lightweight compact portable video console. The one-pack new version of Playstation is manufactured to supply the user with the exact same clarity, power and game play of the older Playstation, in a 32-bit processor. The internal volume was reduced by 75%, the overall weight declined and the product width is currently 7.5cm. The new PlayStation Console is equipped with an Ethernet modem and port, meant to easy the dial-up connections, and is easy to carry with you anywhere due to its hardcover book similarity.

The new generation PlayStation console was released in 2004 and its redesign was meant by Sony to maintain the lead over other types of Consoles made by rivals Nintendo and Microsoft. The PlayStation Console is designed to meet the demands of both experienced players and new video game players. In spite of its reduced volume, the console still keeps the 300 MHz processor to assure the same clarity and graphics clients of Sony Playstations are used to. The standard controller is also designed to meet all of the players demands.

Due to the LCD and the car adapter, you can take your new PlayStation Console with you anywhere. It also plays CD-s so you need not worry about not having enough play variants.

Both Nintendo and PlayStation Consoles are designed for anyone who wants to take advantage of the relaxing and enjoying new technologies in video games. The decision between the two must be made by everyone personal and according to the needs.

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