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World of Warcraft – What is Shaman PVP?

Shaman PVP is a style of playing in the popular online game Word of Warcraft. PVP means "Player vs. Player", and is the type of game where players on the Internet play against each other. This is opposed to "Player vs. Environment", or PVE, in which players play against the computer battling monsters and solving puzzles and exploring. In PVP, there is a real live human being behind that Orc or Troll!

In PVP, players can win points which can be used to purchase rare items in the Warcraft world. Once you buy an item, any of the characters in your account can use it. So PVP can be a powerful way to acquire new items for your characters.

What is a Shaman?
Warcraft players can take on the role of many different characters – including warlocks, hunters, druids, mages, and shamans. Each character has its own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. The Shaman in particular is a difficult character to play, because it's not particularly excellent at any one skill. Instead, the Shaman is designed to be versatile, adapting to any situation. Becoming a skilled player with Shaman can be difficult and take considered time. But once a player masters Shaman PVP, they can wreak havoc on their enemies and dominate the battleground.

The Shaman Story
According to Warcraft legend, the Shaman is a spiritual leader. Shamans can see into the spirit world, and communicate with the dead. They can use their visions to guide their tribes and clans through danger.

What Can A Shaman Do?
Shaman are special for a number of reasons. First, Shaman are the only character to have Totems. A Totem is a special tool a Shaman can earn by completing quests. There are four types of totems – air, earth, fire, and water. Once a shaman completes a quest and receives a totem, he can cast all spells for that type.

To use a totem and cast a spell, the shaman must place the totem on the ground near him. Once placed, the totem has a particular range in which the spell will be effective.

Some totems can be used to attack enemies, while others can heal and protect allies. This makes the shaman a valuable addition to a team in battle.

How To Use A Shaman
To use a shaman, first you need to be using an appropriate race. Not all races in WoW have shamans available to them. For Alliance, choose either Draenei or Dwarves. For Horde, Shaman are available to Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, and Goblins. Since each race has its own abilities, players will want to take the race into consideration when selecting their Shaman.

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