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Oil Rig Mechanic Jobs – What They Are and How to Get Hired

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Are you a qualified mechanic looking for an oil rig mechanic job? Maybe you have some basic trade skills and are looking to move into an exciting new industry where you will make a lot of money and have time to spend with your family. Entry-level mechanisms typically earn close to $ 50,000 and with a few years of experience you can move on to even better paying jobs.

Jobs are everywhere in the oil industry, but you have to know where and how to find them.

If you have been searching for offshore employment and have not gotten responses to your resolutions, here is one simple tip that will help you land your first job.

It is called "skill targeting" and can help anyone – even people with no real work experience.

Take a piece of paper and make a list of all the mechanical skills you have. Everything you are good should be included, even that old motorcycle you play with on your days off. Remember to be honest, you do not want to lie on your resume.

Now, choose the three skills that you know best and put them at the top of your resume, even before your work experience (unless you have rig experience).

Next, follow your technical skills with any first-aid, safety or emergency response training.

Last, put your technical training and education. A degree is not going to help you get an oil rig mechanic job: companies want to know what skills you have and how you can apply them to different situations.

That is it! Your new skill-targeted resume is sure to attract more attention when it gets to an employer.

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