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Using Candy Jars At The Hardware Store

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It is easy to become overwhelmed when entering a hardware store. The shelves, walls, and even portions of the floor are usually filled with tools, supplies, equipment, and other items. Unless they are familiar with the store layout, customers often have a difficult time finding what they need. Candy jars can keep the small items organized so customers can locate what they are looking for without any assistance.

Hardware stores seem to sell nails, screws, nuts, and bolts in every size and shape imaginable. Often, these are thrown into compartments with open lids. This becomes a problem when customers do not put items back in the correct compartment. Soon, all the sizes are mixed together, making it difficult for a layperson to determine which one is correct. By storing each size in a different lidded and labeled jar, the confusion is eliminated.

Even larger items like plugs and adapters can be hard to find when they are stored in cardboard boxes on shelves. Since these boxes are not usually labeled, customers have to look inside each one to determine the contents. Storeowners can make things easier for them by displaying these items in labeled plastic jars. Label makers are inexpensive, can be purchased from almost any office supply store, and feature an assortment of font styles and colors.

The size of an item does not necessitate equate to its price- some small tools can be expensive. Multipurpose tools, small electronic levelers, and other pricey items can be stored in jars behind the counter. When shoppers request one of these, the worker simply plucks it from the container, saving a trip to the inventory area at the back of the store. This reduces opportunities for breakage and theft, maximizing profits in the process.

A candy jar is also perfect for displaying impulse items at the cash register area. Car air fresheners, pocket flashlights, and lock deicers are impromptu keys for many shoppers. Keeping these in a visible location increases the chance that someone will purchase them. These products make great stocking stuffers this time of year so storeowners should highlight them.

Candy jars are much less expensive than built-in compartments and other containers. They are portable and reusable, increasing their versatility within any hardware store. Jars that are not needed are easy to store and as the business expends, it will be cost-effective to order more of these containers in larger sizes.

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