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Daily Horoscope: October 11 star sign reading, astrology, zodiac forecast | Weird | News 1030061 1

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Thursday, October 11, could be something of a challenging day because of the Sun squaring Pluto.

Astrologers often associate Pluto with aspects of power, society, groups of people and the collective will.

The Sun, on the other hand, represents us, our own will and personal desires.

Astrologer Marina, of MarStar Astrology Insights, thinks some might feel off-kilter today in regard to what others are hoping to accomplish.

She said: “In some way, today we may feel like out desires are not aligned with what other people want us to do.

“It could be in our work, in business, in relationships and generally there is a need of transformation – we need to transform something.

“Keep in mind whenever you have a challenging aspect, the energy is more intense and that is the time you can achieve more.

“You can move on another level, you can improve something, you can put effort and you can take action.”

As a result of this challenging tension, the astrologer said you might feel very passionate about something.

Just bear in mind things might not feel very “fluent” and will require a bit more work on your behalf.

Marina said: “But that’s ok. Transformation as we said, is usually a long process, also not such an easy process.

“So, trust your inner guidance and don’t fall into the trap of negative thinking and being pessimistic and expecting bad things to happen.

“You can transform that, you can turn this into your advantage and you can change something in your life, in yourself today.

“Just take action.”

The other major heavenly aspect today is the Moon in Scorpio, which Marina thinks is all about transformation and feeling your inner power.

The astrologer said Pluto ruled the sign of Scorpio and as a result, the Sun square Pluto plays nicely with the Moon today.

She said: “This position can also bring challenges, also can bring tension, so don’t be afraid of that.

“It is a normal process and we can manage with this – just remember that a couple of days from now things might look much more positive for you.

“Today is the time when you can achieve those transformations and probably if you feel frustrated you can also feel this to motivate yourself and achieve more.”

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