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A video has taken the internet by storm after a family were out on a boat together in the US.

Filming from the boat, a man was shocked to see a group of whales underneath their boat.

He was heard saying “don’t start the motor” while another woman started hyperventilating and panicking.

He asked them to calm down and said: “You guys it’s going right under us”. Another woman could be heard crying and sobbing onboard.

The woman continued to panic, saying: “We’re going to die,” after the animal rolled underneath.

Suddenly, the woman called 911, the emergency services in the US, telling them there were three whales beneath and they were scared.

The man, who appeared to be their father then turned on the engine as they drove away, with the whales following them.

It ended with the woman exclaiming: “Stupid whales, they’re going to kill us.”

The video, which has been liked nearly one million times on Twitter, was met with disbelief by online users.

The man who posted it wrote: “How do you go to the ocean and call the cops on whales when you’re going to their home?”

Another remarked: “Perfect ending would be the cops meeting them at the dock…and citing them for harassing the wildlife.”

Others were on their side: “To be fair, they were afraid of being flipped over and were alerting authorities to their perceived plight.”

However, many related it to the problems in the US regarding claims of racism when emergency services are called.

One wrote: “People pay good money to have an experience like that and this fool Becky is calling the cops.”

The reference to “Becky” is from the meme BBQ Becky after a woman called the police on a black family using a BBQ at Oakland Park in the US.

Other viral videos captured stunning moments between humans and whales.

A paddle-boarder got the shock of his life after a whale almost collided with him when in the ocean.

Another man was within inches of touching a Blue Whale while scuba diving.

His video captured the moment the whale swam past him while hunting for krill.

Source : EXPRESS

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