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The Northern Lights have been spotted over Finland earlier today.

A video filmed the natural phenomenon across the sky in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland found in Northern Finland.

Many in the US would also have been able to see it with residents in northern Illinois on the watch list.

Will the lights be spotted in the UK this week?

The Northern Lights are not to be visible in the UK this week.

A possible sighting was recorded by Aurora Watch UK with an amber alert.

This means that it is likely to be seen in locations such as Scotland and Northern Ireland.

However, this was then downgraded to green, with no significant activity.

Britons looking to capture the Aurora Borealis from the UK should head to a number of locations across the country.

In Scotland, areas such as the Shetland islands, Aberdeenshire and Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh are good locations to spot them.

It isn’t just the location that makes it easier to spot – there is less light pollution in areas such as the Highlands making the sky clearer.

The Lake District and Northern Island are also common locations for the sightings.

The best place in the world to see it is in Svalbard in Norway, with little light pollution and uninhabited.

Fans may not be able to spot the Northern Lights clearly for a number of years due to the 11-year solar cycle.

It is about to enter the Solar Minimum which means they are unlikely to be seen as often.

The lowest level is expected to be in 2020, with the next peak to be in 2025.

Solar Physicist, Dr David Hathaway analysed historical records from the last 75 years to find that the best time of year to spot the Northern Lights is during the autumn equinox.

An equinox is when “cracks” are found in the magnetic field on earth, which occurs twice a year, making it more likely for the light show to be seen.

Source : EXPRESS

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