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McCowan Rd. railing repair creates a new problem

McCowan Rd. railing repair creates a new problem  1 exposed pipe

Fixing one problem can sometimes create another, like exposing pedestrians to the sharp edges of a pipe that was cut to protect people from other pipes.

One of our columns last week was about a guard rail next to a sidewalk on McCowan Rd., near Nugget Ave., that was missing a semi-circle-shaped end piece.

The semi-circle-shaped end piece of this guard rail, running along the sidewalk on the east side of McCowan Rd., was missing until last week. But replacing it inadvertently created another problem — a piece of railing that was sawed off as part of the repair was left sticking out of the ground, with its sharp edges exposed.  (Jack Lakey for the Toronto Star)

The missing piece left the sharp ends of two other pipes that make up the guard rail fully exposed. A cyclist told us he feared being impaled on them, if he ever fell off his bike or had to veer around someone while passing them.

We sent a note about it to transportation services. Edison Alexander, road operations manager in that area and a guy who can be counted on to get things done, replied within a day, saying it was fixed.

We went back and found a new end piece affixed to the pipes. But for some reason, another pipe running between the ground and the lower part of the railing had been sawed off, leaving its sharp edges exposed. You can see it in the photo.

Whoever fixed it must have had a brain cramp; if it had to be sawed off, why not cut it at ground level, where it’s not a danger? So we’ve alerted the city to the new danger.

On Sept. 25 we reported on a sinkhole at the point where the driveway of a home on Hiawatha Rd. meets the street. Tang Choy, who purchased the home last summer, said pylons placed around it prevented her from using the driveway.

We soon got a note from Toronto Water, saying that a sewer pipe that runs between the street and Choy’s house had ruptured, causing a washout of the road bed that created the sinkhole.

Repairs that included filling the hole and restoring the road were completed on Sept. 26, said Toronto Water spokesperson Diala Homaidan.

Our Sept. 17 column was about bushy weeds growing out of a boulevard and onto the sidewalk on Brimley Rd., north of St. Clair Ave. that were so tall that the young sons of a reader could hide among them.

Our friend Edison Alexander took care of that too, sending us a note within a day of our column, confirming that they had been chopped down.

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Source : TheStar

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