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Zombie Games – A Brief History

Gamers have always loved zombies, whether they were in the movies or in the games. When zombies become the enemies (which is always), there is no greater joy than pulverizing a horde of evil, sinister looking and blood thirsty zombies. Given below are some of the most popular of all zombie games in chronological order.

Samurai Zombie Nation for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990:

Many people confuse this with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and honestly I have no idea why, but this game delivers. You are the disembodied, floating head of Namakubi and must defend yourself against a zombie nation. Although these may not be called zombies in the traditional sense because they get to use tanks, snipers, helicopters, the works, do not be fooled. The text that appears at the beginning assures us we are fighting bad ass zombies after all.

Alone in the Dark for the PC in 1992:

Although this game was less zombie-focused than the other ones in the list, such was the brilliance of the game, that we can not help but include it here. The story is influenced by the work of HP Lovecraft and was created by Infograms, a French company that knows its business. Alone in the Dark was not only a zombie game, but also a mystery solving one at that, and as you avoid being hacked down by a zombie at every corner, you begin to find clues which unravels the mystery of the place in which you are trapped.

Resident Evil for the Sony PlayStation in 1996:

You would have definitely heard of Resident Evil at some point in your life, unless you lived under a rock of course, which by the way, makes us zombie fans believe you to be a zombie yourself. It was the birth of one of the most successful game franchises ever and this franchise includes what has to be my favorite game, Resident Evil 2. This was the elixir of the life for the zombie community however ironic that may sound. Players had to live through the pain of having very limited ammo at their disposal, an extremely creepy setting, creepy puzzles, creepy camera work, creepy mansion and basically creepy everything. However, the one thing that stood out with Resident Evil was that it was unanimously determined that this was the scariest game at that time.

Dead Rising for the Xbox 360 in 2006:

Although the Resident Evil and House of the Dead franchisees kept zombie killing fans like you and me entertained through the 1990's, there was another game coming production and came out from its grave in the Xbox 360 – Dead Rising. This game revolutionized the immense variety of ways you could kill a zombie. And when I say immense variety, I mean immense.

Left 4 Dead for the PC and Xbox 360 in 2008:

Undeniably the best zombie game since Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead won a list of awards for multiplayer GOTY or game of the year and has become an instant classic.

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