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Carol Kirkwood: BBC Breakfast star opens up about terrifying car crash | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV 1028222 1

Carol Kirkwood, a reporter on BBC Breakfast, has loved cars since she was a little girl and once described her infatuation with the vehicles as an “obsession”.

However, her interest in cars put her in danger when she was nine-years-old and wanted to test out her dad’s Jaguar.

Recounting the moment she broke into her dad’s vehicle, Carol, 56, said: “Dad had a Jag and we were all out having dinner at a hotel one day.

“No one locked their cars back then and somehow, at nine years old, I managed to get in and release the handbrake.”

She went on to tell The Sunday Times back in February: “It was parked on an incline and started to roll towards a very solid-looking stone wall. Smack! Dad was furious!”

Despite crashing her dad’s car, Carol, who is one of eight children, was taught how to drive in Scotland.

Growing up in Morar, a small village on the west coast of Scotland, Carol would learn to drive in open fields.

“Dad taught us all to drive in the local fields,” she said. “He would take me down these very windy dirt tracks.

“Then get me reversing through gates while avoiding the sheep. I used to see more sheep on the road than cars.”

This all changed when Carol studied at a university in Edinburgh, where she would drive her Ford Fiesta around the city.

Edinburgh was very different from her quiet village life and driving in the capital frightened her.

She recalled: “When I eventually drove to Edinburgh for university in my bashed-up Ford Fiesta, I started panicking.

“I’d never seen so many cars.”

Nowadays Carol is used to the city life as she often commutes around London for her work on BBC Breakfast.

Carol, a nine times winner of the weather presenter of the year award, is a regular weather reporter on the morning programme.

She joined the show in 1998 after going through Met Office training and has become a favourite with millions of viewers.

Fortunately, Carol’s fans do not have to worry about her leaving the BBC anytime soon as she has no intentions of quitting.

“I’d never give up the weather on Breakfast,” a determined Carol told Radio Times earlier this year.

“If they showed me the door I would hang on by my fingernails. So, as long as Breakfast wants me, I’ll be there, because I love it.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6am.

Source : EXPRESS

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