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Valuable Green Building Tips For The Home

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The concept of green building basically reflects to a design process that evolves out of the mindset of creating a healthy connection with the natural landscape, and points to a set of decisions or processes that consider the site and materials, which helps to reduce cost, maintenance , and energy usage of the home.

The central theme of the green building approach is conservation, and into ensuring that homes are healthier, safer, more comfortable, and have less operating costs. This concept allows people to connect to the land and community around them. Below are some valuable tips in implementing simple but helpful green building ideas for the home.

Ensuring the Use of Renewable Or Recyclable Materials

In implementing sustainable home building or maintenance regimens, it's best to utilize locally produced, and easily renewed, materials whenever possible. Homeowners could consider utilizing alternative building materials like rammed earth, straw bale or insulated concrete panels. Concrete floors utilize the foundation material as finish floor, thus helping you to save on materials and labor.

Recycled wood floors also serves as attractive re-usable materials as well as bamboo floors, which are made from a rapidly renewable source, as bamboo is a grass that can grow several feet per day. You could also use hard surface floors that do not hold dust, molds, and allergens, and are very durable. Remember to utilize materials that have considerable recyclable content as much as, like cellulose insulation, Thermo-ply, and lumber composites. In addition, try placing a storage bin in the kitchen to recycle household trash, as well as holding bin in the garage.

Learn To Fully Optimize Your Homes' Heating and AC Systems.

You need to remember that an oversized air conditioning system at home will cool too quickly, and could leave your room feeling clammy or sticky. Smaller AC systems run long enough reach the desired temperature levels, and also helps to clear the air of humidity. Smaller AC systems lasts longer and more importantly costs less to purchase. You should also need to check for leaks in duct work joints, and around windows, doors, exhaust pipes and electric outlets to lower electricity bills, and perform regular maintenance checks of central air conditioning systems to prevent air loss.

Leaner How To Reduce Water Usage

In reducing water usage at home, remember that native landscaping that is suited to the rainy in your area is fundamental to building green, therefore you need to keep as much native growth on your lot as possible. The use of front-loading washing machines also helps to reduce energy and water use. Some dishwasher models also use less water and have no-heat drying. Before purchasing appliances, it helps to first check water and energy usage before buying one, and buying low-flow toilets and shower heads helps to cut down on water usage. Lastly, learn to reduce water and fertilizer needs by re-cycling yard waste and leaves for use as mulch.

Homeowners also need to use safe materials, to ensure their family lives in a healthier and cleaner home environment. Each one in the household should make it a habit to use products that are biodegradable, non toxic and water based materials. Avoid using products that contain dyes, ozone-depleting components, heavy metals, formaldehyde, or known carcinogens, as well as solvent-based finishes, particleboard, adhesives, some carpets, and other products that release volatile chemicals into the air. Before buying any materials for the home, you should look for green-rated labels on carpets, appliances or other products. – Real Estate PR

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