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Gaming Laptops – 5 Reasons to Put Them on Your Christmas List

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One of the major categories of laptop computers is gaming laptops. Typically, these are the laptops that offer high processing performance, superior graphics, brilliant displays and possesses a large hard drive for plenty of storage. In other words, you want a laptop that has a high-end GPU, fast processor, tons of RAM, large 17inch or larger display, large hard drive and many throw in a Blu-ray optical drive to make sure you're getting the best viewing enjoyment possible.

You should also know, in the quest to produce the most powerful gaming notebook computer, the ideal machine will now sport multiple graphics cards, dual or even quad processors, multiple hard drives … and as gaming technology has progressed, these fully loaded laptop rigs are just about on par with what you would find on a gaming desktop PC.

Gaming laptops have also been a popular Christmas gift in years past and this year will probably prove no different. These dream machines are on everyone's list for a number of reasons so here's why you should consider getting or giving one this year …

1. Price & Variety

As competition in this market heats up, prices have been steadily falling. Once this category was dominated by gaming specialists such as Alienware and Rock, but not anymore, as many of the major computer makers such as Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba … are all entering this niche market. The resulting fall-out has seen most prices drop and a whole variety of options presented to the consumer. There are a lot more quality gaming machines to choose from and you can expect to pay less than in previous years. However, lets not kid ourselves, to buy a fully loaded gaming rig with all the extras can still set you back 4 or 5 grand. Ouch Santa, that hurts!

However, this factor plays into another segment of the buying public, despite the down-turn in the economy there are still those among us who only buy the best of everything. The ultimate gift for those who want the very best of everything. The highest price laptop you can buy. Then these buyers will have to go with a gaming laptop as these are usually the most powerful machines on the market; not counting desktop PCs.

2. Supreme Performance

Gamers want and demand the highest performance possible in their machines. Manufacturers are gladly supplying that power by utilizing more and more powerful processors such as the new Intel Core i7 (64-bit x86-64) processors. And decking them out with ever increasingly higher performing graphics processing units (GPUs) and neatly presenting all this power and performance on High Resolution and High Definition Display Systems, many incorporating the newer Blu-ray technology. For those who want to receive the latest in tech gadgets and gizmos, then gaming laptops fit the bill perfectly.

3. Portable

Sometimes it's hard to imagine some of these 10 plus pound monsters as portable but when compared to a gaming desktop PC, a gaming notebook computer can be said to be much more portable. One of the major selling points of gaming laptops is this mobility, you can quickly pick one up and carry it around with you and as these machines are getting sleeker and smaller – they will only become even more portable. Ideal gifts for college students, Travelers and your very active teenagers. You can send both of them to their rooms without getting those dirty looks. Some gifts do come with fringe benefits.

4. Windows 7

Windows 7 has just been released and now is an excellent time to upgrade your computer. Unlike all the negative press that Vista received, Windows 7 seems to be getting much better reviews, mainly because Microsoft actually listened to its customers and designed an operating system that satisfies the end-user. Without you're Mac fanatic, now would be a good time to purchase that new laptop either for yourself or someone you like, and obtaining the new Windows 7 would just be an added reason to get one this Christmas Season.

5. Fun / Enjoyment Factor

First and foremost, Christmas gifts should be all about fun. If it's not already written into the constitution, it should be! Mainly because nothing says fun more than a gaming laptop and it will certainly please the receiver. And while it will deliver hours and hours of enjoyment throughout the year; always remember, unlike other toys, gaming laptops can be very practical – especially for students. Remember, these machines are powerful computers which have many more beneficial uses than playing computer games. Just try to convince yourself, Junior is destined to do more than kill imaginary aliens for the rest of his life.

If you think for a second, you can probably come up with many more solid reasons to put a gaming laptop on your Christmas list. Your beloved off-spring pestering you for 30 days straight for one, does not really count but it probably does. Just remember the 5 reasons above and you will feel much more comfortable playing Santa this year by giving a gaming laptop.

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