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9 Steps to Make Money with PPC Publishing

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Every day more companies are using PPC publishing to make more money. And the money is there to be made, whether you are an advertiser or someone who is providing the space for the ads on your website. Here are 9 steps for those who are providing the space and sharing the click revenues.

Step 1. Getting a Subject

If all you are doing is providing space for PPC ads, you can have any kind of website you want. However, make it a subject you know well so you can write good content.

Step 2: Know the Audience

If you have decided to do a website on ceramics so you can attract ads from large art supply companies, know what your audience will be entering in search engines. PPC publishing is highly dependent on keywords.

Step 3: Website Design

Keep your site easy to navigate and friendly to the eyes so people will stay and read the ads.

Step 4: Writing

PPC publishing relies on your content. For the ceramics website, the PPC provider will place art supply ads because those will appeal to your readers. Write well to keep people clicking.

Step 5: Ad Placement

Online, people's eyes move in the shape of an F. Design your ad placement accordingly.

Step 6: Sizes

Big is not better in PPC publishing – pleasing is better. Do not use large type or huge graphics – balance.

Step 7: Update and Refresh

No one likes old News – keep people coming back with daily or weekly posts on your subject.

Step 8: Is the Website Running?

Make sure your website is always working, otherwise people will never get there and you lose your ads.

Step 9: No Cheating

Do not click your own ads. Also, do not have your friends go click them all every day. Search engines will pick up on that and kick you from the PPC publishing program immediately.

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