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Don’t get speculative with oil, gas stocks

Comstock Resources: “We’re not going down the speculative food chain when it comes to oil and gas. That always tends to be a mistake. [For] the charitable trust, I’ve been telling club members of it’s a simple one. You buy BP and you get that 5 percent yield while you wait for oil to come back.”

United Parcel Services: “They had that big analyst day meeting and it kind of thudded. I think the company’s OK, but I do prefer FedEx more. Notice how FedEx has come right back even though it was supposed to be such a disappointing quarter. That was wrong.”

AT&T: “I like it. It yields 5.9 [percent]. It’s well behind the market. I think it can trade up 10 percent in a snap.”

Intel Corp.: “No. I mean, Intel doesn’t really have a CEO. That’s a problematic situation there. I think if you want a lower-risk stock in that segment, I would go with Cisco, Chuck Robbins’ company. ActionAlerts, my charitable trust, has others, but they may be too so-called go-go for you. I like Nvidia longer term. Best gaming chips.”

Teladoc Health Inc.: “They just had an analyst meeting. They just have been going around telling people – I used it the other day – that things are really good, so it’s not the right time to buy it, but I think if you want to hold on to it, fine, because it is revolutionizing. I’m not kidding. It’s disrupting the entire doctor-patient relationship in a positive way.”

Mazor Robotics: “If you buy MZOR, you’re now buying Medtronic, which, by the way, wouldn’t be so bad because Medtronic got Mazor much too cheap and I think MDT is terrific. Mentioned it the other day as a high-growth stock that I like.”

Energy Transfer Partners: “It’s merging with ETE. I do think it’s a high-risk situation. They never did have to cut the dividend even though the balance sheet wasn’t good, but you can hold onto it. I don’t want you to have to cash in right now. It’s not a great situation, but that yield does seem to be safe after all.”

Walmart: “I like Walmart very much. It’s expensive, but you know what? It’s incredibly well-run. Now, be careful here. The one thing I would tell you is that because of the tariffs, there are probably going to be some guys cutting ratings next week, but that’s when you want to buy it, not sell it.”

source : CNBC

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