Jersey: Why you should visit – what to do, see and eat in the Channel Islands | Short & City breaks | Travel

Jersey: Why you should visit – what to do, see and eat in the Channel Islands | Short & City breaks | Travel 1019484 1

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Despite being the largest of the Channel Islands, Jersey is just 118 square kilometres – roughly a tenth of the size of London – with a population of less than 100,000.

But, being able to drive from one side of the island to the other within an hour adds to the delight of this island escape.

With so much to do and see in Jersey, it’s easy to make the most of your trip by driving just 10 to 20 minutes between landmarks.

The French road names and architecture, while driving on the left-hand side of the road, truly makes Jersey the ultimate home away from home.

A lot of the things to see in Jersey are based around the island’s occupation by Germany during World War 2.

It was occupied for five years between 1940 and 1945. As such, the German forces dug deep into the hillside at St Peter’s Valley to create barracks and medical centres for the army.

Today, these tunnels are used to showcase Jersey’s military story, and how the German occupation affected the island’s people.

Both interactive and informative, the Jersey War Tunnels is truly the best place to start for your weekend away.

Next, grab the amphibious ferry from Jersey’s capital, St Helier, across to Elizabeth castle, the giant battlement built to protect Jersey’s mainland.

Elizabeth Castle has protected Jersey for more than 300 years. It gave refuge to King Charles II during the English Civil War, and was refortified during the German occupation of Jersey, some 240 years later.

Explore the grounds of the castle, while visiting the in-built museums to discover soldiers’ way-of-life throughout all eras of the castle.

Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to watch the live cannonball firing. Don’t forget to cover your ears – it’s going to get loud!

Based one kilometre from the main island, the castle also provides you with some of the best photographs Jersey can offer.

But, no trip to Jersey is complete without visiting La Hougue Bie – a neolithic passage grave from 6,000 years ago.

At La Hougue Bie, a chapel sits on top of a prehistoric mound, with an undercover tunnel through to the passage grave.

At just 5ft, you’ll probably have to duck as you clamber through the tunnels, but it’s certainly worth it when you see the inside of the place of worship.

To top off your island break, make sure you leave enough time to take a kayak tour of the island. While it may seem strenuous – and not relaxing at all – a kayak tour of Jersey is the complete opposite.

It’s a great way to explore parts of the island not accessible by foot. Venture inside caves, jump in *not so* hot springs, and swim in parts the ocean that’ll be solely accessible by you.

Of course, no trip away is complete without eating the best food. There are a number of great spots to grab lunch while exploring the island, including Kismet Cabana and Driftwood Beach Cafe.

But, Mark Jordan at the Beach provides a great dinner spot to finish off your island break. Situated on the beach just outside of St Helier, the restaurant has a huge variety of food. Top tip – the lobster mango salad and Mark Jordan burger will definitely hit the spot.

After your meal, wander back to one of the best hotels on the island, based right in the heart of St Helier – Hotel de France.

The 4-star hotel combines both French architecture and modern rooms, each complete with a TV, and plenty of tea and coffee.

All in all, Jersey is a great place to have a long weekend. With all of the sights within close proximity, you could visit everything within a day or two, and then even have time left over to relax on the beach.

For more information on Hotel de France, or to book a room, visit its website here.

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