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Starting A Daycare – An Insider's Guide


If you love teaching children and ever wanted to work from home, the thought of starting a daycare center has probably crossed your mind. Day cares are needed these days because there are so many single parents who must work all day or parents who have full-time schedules that will not allow them to stay home with the kids.

Do not forget that sometimes a mom may just need a break from the kids or have something unexpected come up such as meeting or errand where it's not appropriate to bring children. By running a daycare it does not always need to be run full-time and some find it easier to run a daycare from their home on a part-time basis. However there are more benefits to opening a preschool than a daycare.


You must first become licensed to start a preschool or daycare. Information for license requirements varies from state to state and can be found at your Local Human Resources or Human Services. Most regulations are similar regardless of the state such as the health and safety condition of the preschool building, the number of teachers per child in the classroom, insurance for liability and CPR plus first aid certification.

Of course, having a degree or experience in teaching preschoolers is preferred but it is not necessary. More resources and funding may be available to you if you are starting a preschool as opposed to starting a daycare.


Opening a preschool is also better than starting a daycare because you can get extra tax benefits due to the fees involved it takes to run one. If you use part of your home and utilities, then part of this can also be deducted when filing your taxes. On the other hand, you may be able to charge a higher amount to customers due to you maintaining the utilities and operating expenses. Also, by hiring a teacher you may even qualify for an additional tax benefit. (Be sure to seek your own tax professional!)

Families and Local economy thrive when someone opens a preschool rather than starting a daycare. Many parents feel better knowing their kids are learning age appropriate material and getting a head start on elementary school when they drop them off. Another benefit to starting a preschool is that some state agencies will even help parents pay for the cost of attendance if you get on their approved list of schools.

As you can see starting a daycare is good – but starting a preschool is even better!

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