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Google Maps Street View: What does this strange-looking man have on his head? | Travel News | Travel 1017942 1

Google Maps Street View catches all sorts of people and animals as it maps the streets of the world.

However, one image has captured what might not be entirely human or indeed entirely animal.

The bizarre snapshot shows what looks to be a man, judging by his body, yet instead of a human head, the man has a horse head sitting atop his shoulders.

The man is standing next to a woman on the side of the road and both are looking off in different directions.

A car can be seen to one side so perhaps their car has broken down and they are waiting for help.

The woman seems completely unperturbed by her companion’s unusual physical appearance.

In fact, apart from the horse head, the image seems like nothing out of the ordinary.

Of course, it’s far from likely that the man actually has a horse’s head.

The more realistic explanation is that he’s simply donned the bizarre mask for effect.

However, there seems to be no purpose for the odd fashion choice – the woman does not seem to find it funny.

Possibly he is on the way to a fancy dress party or maybe he hopes that the weird get-up will help them more easily flag down help for their car.

Unfortunately, there appears no obvious explanation for the man’s horse head so Google viewers will simply have to keep on guessing.

Incredibly, this is not the first time a man has been spotted with a horse head.

A man in British Columbia, Canada was spotted sitting by the side on the road wearing a horse mask. 

He’s sitting alone at a two-person table and has an open banana in his hand and flamingos next to him.

Again, no explanation is given for the highly unusual scene on Google.

The weird sighting is similar to another horse-headed man who has been spotted over the years.

Dubbed Horse-Boy, he was spotted in Aberdeen in 2010 wearing a purple top and black trousers. The person is standing in a nonchalant manner while looking at the camera.

His identity has not been revealed, with many stating they had met him before.

Unfortunately, a horse head mask is rather easy to buy at a fancy dress store so could be anyone around the world.

He reappeared in his famous purple top in 2014, this time emerging in Venice.

Source : EXPRESS

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