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In the climax of Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War, Thanos arrived in Wakanda ready to pluck the Mind Stone from Vision’s head.

During his walk towards him, the Avengers tried to stop Thanos, but he swatted them aside with ease.

This included Captain America boldly holding him by the Infinity Gauntlet before received a massive blow to the back of the head.

Now a popular new fan theory claims that hit actually killed Steve Rogers, only for Thanos to resurrect him just so he could reform Vision and take the Mind Stone.

Reddit user commander_wong writes: “Thanos ended his short battle with Cap with a punch to the back of the head.

“Many wondered how Cap recovered in mere seconds from a punch that even took out the Hulk and the most logical explanation is that he didn’t.

“As Thanos used the time stone to bring Vision back, the surroundings also reverted.

“Natasha was no longer trapped under pillars of stone, Bruce was no longer fused to a rock, and Cap showed no signs of injuries from a blow that should’ve easily killed him.”

Source : EXPRESS

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