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Google Maps’ satellite function Google Earth photographed a sinister sight from up high in Edinburgh, Scotland.

It’s a man made of stone lying spread-eagled on the grass, one arm above his head.

Its limbs appear to be dissected too with several chunks sitting apart from each other.

If the mysterious figure wasn’t odd enough, it’s made even more chilling by the fact that it was created by murderer Jimmy Boyle while he was in prison. 

A former gangster, Boyle was incarcerated in 1967 for the murder of rival gangster Babs Rooney – although he’s always denied the crime. 

During his time in Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow, Boyle designed the 100ft stone statue.

It was called Gulliver the Gentle Giant  – or The Gentle Giant of Craigmillar – and was unveiled by Billy Connolly in 1976.

Boyle was released from prison in 1980 and turned to writing books and art as well as setting up the Gateway Exchange, a project aimed at helping to keep vulnerable young people off drugs.

The Gulliver statue became a favourite play area for children, which, over time, as well as weathering, led to the statue falling into disrepair.

Unfortunately, the statue can no longer be seen in the Edinburgh field as it was removed in 2011.

The sculpture had to be moved in order to make way for a flood prevention scheme.

A council spokeswoman told The Scotsman newspaper at the time: “The monument is in a very poor state of repair, so it is not possible to relocate it elsewhere, although the contractors will take care to retain whatever elements of the statue they can.”

The paper also reported that there were plans for the statue to be digitally scanned and thus preserved.

John Lawson, the council’s archaeologist, told The Scotsman: “Using laser technology to record a piece of public artwork is not something archaeologists get to do every day, but in this case we felt it was important for the local community to undertake this extra step before the statue is dismantled. 

“We’re pleased that the community will be able to enjoy the Gulliver monument even after these essential works have been carried out.”

More recently, another chilling phenomenon was spotted on Google Maps Street View.

An eerie image shows a row of houses, many of which have wrought-iron balconies, with multiple cars parked outside. 

While this may seem ordinary enough, a strange phenomenon appears to be occurring on the pavement and on the walls.

A bizarre purple substance seems to be staining the stone. It creeps up the exterior of the houses as though invading the properties.

In some places, it morphs into a sickly yellow colour and is rather like something out of a horror film.

Source : EXPRESS

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