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Understanding Gaming Addiction in Kids and Teenagers

It is not uncommon to see many people spending hours in front of their television or computer monitors playing their favorite game. Most medical associations in the world have still not officially recognized gaming as diagnosable disorder. However, there is an increasing evidence of the effects of computer and video games on kids and teenagers.

Changes in technology have helped game developers introduce changes in their game features to attract more players. These changes have made the games more complex and detailed which has helped the companies increase their market share. These games are so entertaining and addictive that teenagers and kids prefer to stay at home and play games rather than go out with friends. They spend less time with their family even when they are at home because they do not want to miss the experience of playing a real character on the screen.

However, not all gamers are addicts as many kids and teenagers play games only for a couple of hours in a week. Playing games for a few hours helps in reducing the stress of daily life and helps them get the much deserved break.

Gaming becomes an addiction when people have an uncontrollable compulsion to play games. People that became addicted to games get enthralled in their fantasy world and start neglecting their friends, parents, school and work. These people spend hours in front of the screen playing their favorite game without recognizing the importance of other aspects in their life. These people need to understand the affect the game is having on their life and reduce the number of hours they spend in the front of the screen.

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