Your A-to-Z Guide to Skin Care Today

THE CULT OF skin care seems to have reached a fever pitch, with women (and men) accumulating costly, pleasingly packaged products to arrange in their bathrooms at a new pace. Self-taught enthusiasts, known as the “skintelligentsia,” exchange hyper-detailed info about ingredients and regimens in Sephora comment sections and on Reddit Subs like “Skin Care Addiction.” Ingredient apps like Think Dirty help aficionados weigh the difference between mugwort and St. John’s wort. If you’re more of a casual dabbler in the world of serums and sprays, however, the industry’s rapidly changing trends require a bit of an explanation. Where to start?

“It’s good to experiment with skin care,” said Danuta Mieloch, aesthetician and founder of New York-based Rescue Spa, “but make sure you have the basics down first.” (You know: cleanse, moisturize, SPF.) Once a simple regimen is in place, you can explore the hallucinatory range of procedures, from calculable to kooky. We gathered 26 of the buzziest elements of skin care today, but as Ms. Mieloch cautioned: “With skin care it’s almost like a pair of jeans—what’s good for some is not always as good for the others.”


is for Antipollution.

They sound cool, but ”free radicals” damage skin, so brands tout combatants like the UV Essentiel Multi-Protection Daily Defense Sunscreen, $55,


is for Blue Tansy.

Derived from Moroccan camomile, the Smurf-colored stuff is supposedly soothing. Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm, $50,


is for CBD.

This cannabinoid extract is a much-hyped, mellow-making addition to everything from body creams to balms. Try: CBD-Infused Lip Butter, $22,


is for Dry Brushing.

For the rare person who would like to extend her morning routine, this technique exfoliates skin. Revive Dry Body Brush, $32,


is for Enzyme Peels.

Enzymes are naturally occurring catalysts that can slough off dead skin cells. Because who wants dead skin? Verso No.1 Enzyme Peel, $90


is for Frankincense.

An aromatic resin derived from a tree, this anti-inflammatory has made its way from the Bible to Into the Gloss. Try: Pure Radiance Oil, $110,


is for Gold.

Yes, 24-karat. While skin-stimulating golden goops may be too over-the-top for most, they’re trending big-time. Chantecaille Gold Recovery Mask, $270,


is for Hyaluronic Acid.

Used often as one ingredient of moisturizers, it’s hip now to buy the quencher solo online. Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5, $7,


is for Inside Out.

The current glut of herbal supplements intended to boost outer beauty is loosely regulated, so trust your gut. Beauty Dust Supplement, $38,


is for Jade Roller.

The mystical powers of this 7th-century Chinese facial tool may trigger eye rolls, but it’s hard to argue with a massage. Jade Facial Roller, $30,


is for Kelp.

Draping yourself in seaweed sounds unappealing, but kelp is a star ingredient in creams and cleansers. Atlantic Kelp Anti-Fatigue Body Wash, $27,


is for LED Light.

LED—the acronym for “light-emitting diodes”—is now found in several at-home antiaging devices. LightStim for Wrinkles Device, $249,


is for Microneedling.

Masochists will enjoy these devices with a rolling series of shallow needles that push products deeper into the skin. Environ Gold Roll CIT, $300,


is for Neck Cream.

Nora Ephron made feeling bad about your neck a thing, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Tensolift Neck Cream, $205,


is for Olive Oil.

Small doses of olive extracts can be nourishing topically but most oils of the extra virgin variety are best tossed with salad. Try: Deep Cleansing Oil, $28,


is for Personalization.

Dr. Barbara Sturm became known for her bespoke human-blood “vampire” facials, but she makes non-custom products, too. Mask, $160,


is for Queen of Hungary.

This Budapest-based brand hypes the mysticism of Hungarian “waters” in its culty products. Mist, $45,


is for Raspberry Seed Oil.

The tiny dried seeds are pressed into a precious oil, rich in vitamin E and sometimes used after sun. Raspberry Seed Oil, $73,


is for Stripped Down.

This earthy oil is beloved by celebrities who claim they only use this and water on their faces. Active Botanical Serum, $185,


is for Towelettes.

Otherwise known as the clever, portable way to apply product from toner to self-tanner. Essential Face Wipes, $24 for a 20 pack,


is for Unisex.

Post-gender brands like Milk are transforming beauty, and companies like Aesop are beloved by men, women and some dogs. Cleanser, $49,


is for Vitamin C.

Some facialists attest to C’s brightening powers. Be sure to store this staple out of the sun for optimal effect. Try: Drunk Elephant C-Tango Cream, $64,


is for Witch Hazel.

With over 10,000 (mostly positive) Amazon reviews, this refreshing toner is a legendary drugstore stalwart. Thayers Rose Petal Toner, $9,


is for Ten.

The Korean beauty industry has a huge effect on trends, but the 10-step routine may be eight steps too many. Normal Skin Care Kit, $260,


is for Face Yoga.

If you’re not capable of moving your face muscles around on your own, there’s a tool for that. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Tool, $38,


is for Zzzs.

Overnight serums and masks allow lazybones ladies to restore skin overnight. Also, sleep is good. Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask, $375,

RECKLESS REGIMENS / Combine the Trendiest Ingredients and Potions of the Year At Your Own Risk
S + U

The Beauty Skeptic

Overwhelmed by the panoply of bottles, she pulled a Marie Kondo and stripped down her routine, yet still swipes unisex products from her partner.

G + T + D

The Real Housewife

A.m.: Gold cleanser, serum and mask; p.m.: Ten-step routine and goblet of “pink bubbles.” Next a.m.: Dry brushing for self and chihuahua.

F + Q

The Old-Schooler

She slathers vintage Frankincense oil on her face, before falling asleep with a dusty tome, dreaming of the court of the Queen of Hungary.

C + J

The Goop Disciple

Her not-so-secret stash of CBD-infused products are stored next to a jade roller to promote harmony and balance within the marble beauty cabinet.

O + R

The ‘Barefoot Contessa’ Fan

Wearing a loose linen wrap, she smears organic olive oil and raspberry seed oil sensually on her face as pie fumes infuse the beach house.

Source : WSJ

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