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Child Custody Laws – Important Steps You Must Do to Win – Part One

This is part one of a two part article on Child Custody Laws Important Things You Have to do to Win. This article will provide you with global advice that will assist you and your lawyer in strengthening your custody case. These steps are accepted best practices in across the USA and Canada.

Child custody battles are complicated because of the different state and federal laws on sensitive issue. It would be so much easier if we had national child custody laws that applied in every state. Then everyone involved in a custody battle would have access to information that applied to them no matter where they lived.

This article will provide you with global advice that will assist you and your lawyer in strengthening your custody case. These steps are accepted best practices in child custody laws across the USA and Canada. When you read part 1 & 2 you will learn what the best steps to take to solidify your case and what not to do to jeopardize your defense. This article is not intended as legal advice. I strongly recommend that you hire the best lawyer you can and learn everything that you can on the laws that apply to your location to give yourself the best chance to win your case.

Step 1
If you are in a custody dispute then you must remember that you are under the microscope. Your moral and social conduct can be used for or against you in a child custody case. Give serious thought to weather you should start dating or move in with a new partner. Your social conduct will be witnessed by others so be careful how and where you party and interact with the opposite sex. Ask yourself if your behavior is something you would use against your ex if they were doing it before you do anything.

Step 2
Write a list of all the your partnership / marital assets and debts; such as income, house, automobiles, furniture, savings, retirement accounts, life insurance policies, loans, mortgages etc. Try to date when each asset / debt came into the relationship. Again this will be important to your lawyer to use the laws for your location to get you the best settlement.

Step 3
Now imagine that you can magically get what ever settlement you want and write out your perfect Custody Agreement. Include every detail and condition that you would want to be awarded under the Child Custody Laws as if you were the judge awarding it. Once you have it completed to your satisfaction, put it in a drawer for a week and then take it out again and read it. Make any changes and then give this document to your lawyer and discuss it with him. It is unlawful that you will get everything that you have written in your perfect Child Custody Agreement but it will give you some clarity on what you really want.

Step 4
Sit down with your perfect Child Custody Agreement document and prioritize what you want most and what you are willing to negotiate on. When you are in mediation or a hearing you will likely be very emotional and clearly knowing what you are willing to negotiate on will help to keep you from panicking. This is also an invaluable document for your lawyer to use in getting you a satisfactory settlement in your child custody case.

Step 5
Make a list of the other parents faults and weaknesses. List all the bad habits such as irritable, unreliable, rude, etc., and any parenting faults like ignoring the child, not being involved in the child's life, insulting them, anything you can think of. Again remember you are not doing this to degrade the other person and this list is only for your lawyer. You are doing this because your lawyer needs to honestly know all sides of the situation so they can best defend you and win your child custody case.

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