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Auto Responders

One new thing I am continuously seeing on site's is the auto responder. If your not familiar with an auto responder it basically is exactly what it sounds like it projects an automated message for any question. The best sites to have auto responders on sites that are more informational rather than sites that are centered around selling a product.

I'm not saying they do not work on the other sites, they certainly do, they just work better on informational sites. The great thing about the auto responder is that that it makes the customer think that they're your first priority, and if your hurting for money chances are the probably are.

On thing I found you can use the auto responder for is to acquire email address of anyone who the auto responder responds. If your relatively new to marketing the more emails you have the better. This way you know that all the emails you have are people who are interested in your product so every time you release a new product you can send an awareness email to all those emails and it vastly increases your chances of making a sale, because in many cases your trying to sell to people who have already shown interest in your product so making them more likely to continue to make purchases from you.

Another thing auto responders are great for is selling. If you acquire a auto responder script, you can customize and produce you own and then sell it for a great profit. The great thing about doing this is that it does not take anytime and you can sell it cheaper then anyone else so you can earn fast cash with little effort. These are just a couple of different reason why auto responders are helpful and useful to a business and how you can even make a small business out of producing them, in my opinion an auto responder is a must have for any kind of site that enforces a contact us button, and today there are few that do not.

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