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Google Maps Street View has captured some of the most humiliating scenarios around the world.

From falling over to road accidents, many people are left shame-faced by their actions.

A man in Brazil suffered a similar fate when working in the streets.

The man, topless and shoeless, was spotted wearing a pair of cargo shorts.

He appeared to be stuck in a manhole.

He was carrying a large bucket of an unknown substance when he fell in the hole.

His expression was rather pained as he had one foot stuck in it.

His left arm and left leg remained in the air as he tried to get his balance.

The manhole cover was upright so how he fell in has baffled many.

He seemed to spot the Street View camera so was most likely embarrassed to have been caught in the moment.

Thankfully there were no other people in the area to see his accident.

He also didn’t seem to have fallen too deep into it.

The man was most likely working and fixing it if the bucket and his attire is anything to go by.

What really happened to him before the picture remains a mystery.

Another man in Brazil was caught falling over in an embarrassing situation.

The young man was captured lying in the middle of the road after falling over.

His legs were splayed in the air while his backpack had flung above his back.

What caused the fall isn’t revealed although the car near him had their brake lights on.

A man on a moped looked back to see what happened.

The boy appeared to be okay with minor injuries.

Source : EXPRESS

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