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Are Registry Cleaners More Harmful Than Useful?

A registry cleaner is a specially designed piece of software that a user can buy or download, and it will scan your computer's registry files in order to locate any old, obsolete or malicious files and entries that might be stored there and consequential causing your computer problems , such as extreme system slowdown, frequent error messages and system freezes and crashes.

Windows registry cleaners are good because they allow users to automatically – and rapidly – scan the huge registry file (which will be much larger than usual if your system has problems associated with the registry), locating any redundant or malicious entries. It will then list them on screen, and give you the option of deleting them. You can then de-fragment the registry in order to delete any empty keys that may be causing unnecessary expansion of the registry. You can only imagine just how long this would take if you were to undertake this task manually-and it is also fraught with potential problems.

If you do not know exactly what you're looking for, you might accidently delete a file from the registry that your computer needs in order to function properly and run applications. In short, you may end the process more significantly at odds with your machine than when you started. Good registry cleaning programs will also back up your registry before undertaking any scan and clean up just in case you need to restore your original settings in case of any problems.

There are, however, potential issues with a lot of registry cleaning programs. Users must ensure that the program they choose is compatible with their system. Also remember that, with so many registry cleaners available now, unscrupulous developers have latched onto this growing market trend, and often package fake registry cleaning programs with malware-spyware that embeds onto your system files and can clog up your system 9exactly what you are trying to tackle), as well as perform other malicious functions, such as monitoring keystrokes.

This is one reason why it is imperative that users do their research prior to downloading and using their registry cleaning programs – it will save any potential problems as well as fix your problems and help your machine run smoothly and quickly.

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