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Use Envelopes To Increase Direct Mail Response Rates

Direct mail, with its ability to reach a large number of people at a fairly affordable price, remains on of the most cost-effective and widely used tools in marketing and advertising campaigns. However, there has been a steady decrease over the past couple of years in the response rates for direct mail. A large reason for this is that a large majority of the direct mail pieces that are being sent out consist of postcards or other types of printed items that require little to no interaction from the recipient. That is to say they can simply look at the piece and them move on.

While postcards can be effective in direct mail, they are not always the best piece to use. If you are selling something that is more high-end or something that requires that personalized touch, then a brochure or letter might be better for your needs. So, rather than simply putting a tab or seal on the brochure or letter, consider inserting it in an envelope. This not only gives the piece a more professional appearance, it also gets the recipient to actually interact with your piece by having to open the envelope.

With the advances in envelope printing, adding an envelope to the direct mail piece can be done without adding much additional cost to the total for the project, and when you consider that if someone is going to take the time to open an envelope they probably are likely to respond, the return on investment will far outweigh the additional cost the envelope adds.

It is also a good idea to think beyond the standard # 10 business envelope. Since most businesses send out statements and invoices in these sizes envelopes going with something that is a little outside the normal will greatly improve the chances that your mail piece is not confused for a bill. There are many standard, pre-made, envelope sizes that will work for this type of application.

Additionally, consider full color envelope printing for your direct mail pieces. This will not only give your piece a little something extra that other pieces your recipient receives that same day does not have, it also conveys professionalism.

Ensure you select the right size envelope to perfect fit your needs. View a list and diagram of all the standard sizes and styles of envelopes we offer. If the size you need is not listed, please contact us and we can special order or have envelopes custom converted to meet your exact demands.

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