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An SUV is the short form for any Sports Utility vehicle. It is very similar to a station wagon, given its size and shape, but it’s also known as a light truck. The SUV is big and sturdy enough to make its own path. That is why the SUV is in great demand in today’s market.

The SUV is created on a similar chassis as those of a truck. Thus it’s a heavy car. And obviously, this affects the fuel consumption and the mileage. But the advantages and benefits that an SUV offers regularly overlook the mileage problems faced by it. The SUV is big enough for the whole family to have a safe and comfortable journey.

The resale or residual value of an SUV that is the price or cost of a Used SUV is greatly considered these days. There are various factors which are responsible for the purchase price it fetches in the Used SUV market. The primary factors responsible are:

· Minimum convenience functions for example power steering or automatic transmission, power windows, central locking system, air conditioning etc

· The brand of the car also plays an important role. The brands that are popular are sure to ensure quality and thus fetch a higher price.

· There is larger resale value during summer seasons

· Luxury SUVs fetch a greater price than the traditional truck like SUVs.

· Buyers nowadays are going for SUVS with more rows of seating, than those that offer a large boot space. These vehicles are used more often to transport the entire family then the number of times the car is used to pick up and drop lots of luggage.

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