New Nissan Leaf convertible is one of the oddest cars you’ll see this year | Cars | Life & Style

New Nissan Leaf convertible is one of the oddest cars you’ll see this year | Cars | Life & Style 965012 1

Not to be outdone by Honda which unveiled the new Type R pick-up truck yesterday, Nissan has unveiled a convertible version of the Leaf 2018.

Carmaker design teams must be a little bit bored of conventional cars at the moment as some bizarre creations have been unveiled recently.

The latest is the Nissan Leaf Open Top, which was created by the brand’s engineers to celebrate reaching the 100,000 sales milestone in Japan since the car’s 2010 introduction. 

Why the engineers chose to lop the roof off the car to celebrate this achievement is unknown.

To allow this design to come to life the team also had to do away with the rear doors and a middle seat in the rear.

The car doesn’t appear to have a folding roof mechanism, so it is permanently open and only suitable for a hot day.

It also seems to seat just four passengers.

Apart from this very obvious change the front and rear look relatively untouched from the standard road car.

There are also no apparent changes to the powertrain or propulsion system meaning its probably achieve the same amount of range.

Nissan has no plans to make this a fully fledged production model.

Honda unveiled the new Civic Type R Pickup Truck concept at the annual SMMT Test Day yesterday.

It is a completely beguiling concept vehicle that blends two different breeds of car into some Frankenstein-esque package.

The condemned Project P ditched the rear seats and bootpsace for a flatbed loading bay, similar to that of a pickup truck.

The car used the same powertrain, suspension and gearbox as the standard road car.

This will allow it to sprint from 0-62mph in under six seconds and reach a top speed of over 165mph.

Its styling is even more divisive on this variant than it is on the standard hot hatchback.

Source : EXPRESS

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