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Audio Streaming – Why It Boosts Your Website Profits

Incorporating audio streaming into your website is simple, cost effective and may boost your sales by up to 35%. Typically most PC's have up to 3 free applications capable of streaming audio from a given website. All the tools are at your disposal, so how will it deliver you this profit?

1. Your content will be more readily absorbed

We as humans retain 10-15% of the content we read. If audio is incorporated, retention jumps to 60%. This increases further to 80% when the content is in the form of multimedia ie audio visual. Imagine attending a conference in which only text was projected on a screen- how much would you learn and recall after the event? More retention translates to more returning customers, which in turn results in more profit for you.

2. It forges a personal connection between you and your customers

The web is becoming an increasingly impersonal marketplace. Incorporating your voice in your sales pitches introduces a personal element that will give you an edge over your competition. If they can hear and believe in what you are selling, they will be more likely to purchase your product. Further to this streaming audio testimonials of satisfied customers will serve to enforce the value of your products, and may lead to more conversions than would result from plain text testimonials.

3. Benefits the visibly challenged

The internet often worms those who are visually challenged. Streaming audio changes and elevates the experience on your website for every user, and will open it to customers that your competitors may neglect.

4. Appeals to customers with time constraints

Customers who have hectic schedules have even shorter attention spans. Audio streaming provides a hook to entice such customers. For example, a customer may be working on their word processor while listening to your content in the background. Through the technological advances of PDA's such as the Blackberry, audio streaming creates the ability to appeal to mobile customers who could listen to your content rather than trying to read minuscule text on their screens. Audio streaming is fast becoming a standard feature on current models of mobile phones.


In the future internet pages without some form of audio streaming may be viewed in the same light as silent films – a thing of the past. We live in a fast paced competitive world where as many senses as possible need to be engaged to give one an edge over their competition. Audio streaming will provide the edge for you to increase your website profit.

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