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The Bottom Line: Brexit banter, and a marathon task

Brexit banter

TIM Martin, founder of the pub giant JD Wetherspoon, takes the business of the UK leaving the European Union (EU) very seriously.

These days Mr Martin does not let a trading update go by without taking the chance to right what he believes to be the many wrongs of those who favour remaining in the EU.

However, the pub boss does retain a keen sense of humour about it all.

Responding to this correspondent’s observation about his latest Brexit intervention as Wetherspoon posted its half-year results, Mr Martin quipped: “You must be getting me mixed up with someone else!”

Email hell

A FAMOUS advert for Cadbury’s Crème Eggs once asked viewers which personality type they fitted when consuming the tasty treat. But that is not the only way we can be categorised, it seems.

According to, the office space company, people can be split into different categories on the basis of how we write emails.

It has taken it upon itself to rank the top 10 “emailers from hell”.

Top spot is taken by the “shouty one”, who liberally sprinkles communications with capital letters and exclamation marks.

Our favourite category, though, is “the comedian”, who are more like the David Brent from The Office than series’ creator Ricky Gervais.

We are scared to think what category The Bottom Line would fall under.

Marathon task

YOU need stamina to run a successful business. But Steve Graham, managing director of Manorview Hotels & Leisure Group, is having to up his endurance levels even further as he embarks with a colleague on a charity challenge.

Mr Graham and head of procurement Steve Buckley, both pictured, are running the London Marathon on April 22 to raise money for two Scottish children’s charities, CHAS (Children’s Hospices Across Scotland) and When You Wish Upon a Star.

A target of £6,000 has been set for the two causes, which have been handed a dedicated place at the marathon for the first time.

It’s rather handy that Manorview’s head office is located next to its Bowfield Hotel & Country Club, Howwood, where the duo can build up their fitness in the gym ahead of the big event.

Water aid

TALKING of good causes, Brewgooder has said it will be able to bring clean water to a further 3,000 people thanks to its latest supermarket distribution deal.

The social enterprise, which was set up by Alan Mahon and Josh Littlejohn, puts every penny of profit it makes from the sale of its beer into clean water projects in Africa. It already supports more than 60 projects, which between them will provide clean water to around 330,000 people.

Now, thanks to a supply deal with all Aldi’s 78 stores in Scotland, it can do even more good, if you’ll forgive the pun.

Source : HeraldScotland

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