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My Love-Hate Relationship With Twitter

I can vividly remember the first time I heard about Twitter. I can also vividly remember how I felt about the idea. At the time I was new to Facebook (yes it took me a while to jump on that wagon too) and I could not understand why anyone would care about 140 character-long status updates.

To me Twitter was just another way to waste time online and I owed never to get involved. As more and more people started joining and talking about Twitter my arm against the evil blue bird was weakening. I was not going to go without a fight! I still could not understand what I earned from knowing exactly what people were doing all the time. It took some convincing from one of my partners in the form of analytics that showed how much traffic he was getting from Twitter to his website.

When I finally understood the value of getting a message to thousands and thousands of people instantly and repeatedly I had to give it a shot. No more than 1 month later I did not even have a Twitter account, I had multiple Twitter accounts! I'm sad (or am I happy?) To say that you will be hard-pressed to find a 2 hour window in which I have not posted anything on Twitter.

Regardless of how you feel about Twitter it is an amazing source of information. As a business owner you have to understand that Twitter is where everyone goes to talk about their experience with your business or product, whether it is good or bad, and is one of the best platforms for you to publicly resolve concerns and reward frequent clients.

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