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Matin Lewis Money Saving Expert urged Britons to check if they are entitled to UK benefits to the tune of £1800, before universal credit is rolled out across the country.

On Good Morning Briton, the 45-year-old financial journalist urged viewers to look into benefits system changes.

He said: “The new controversial universal credit system is being gradually rolled out across the UK – it’s already in place for all single, unemployed people without children – that will replace the six existing social security payments (income support, jobseeker’s allowance, employment and support allowance, housing benefit, child tax credit and working tax credit).

“Yet, if you haven’t been moved on to it yet, and you’re entitled to benefits which you’re not claiming, then you need to claim now.”

It is thought around 1 million people entitled to working tax credit do not claim it, Martin explained.

If you are already claiming benefits and the universal credit amount will be lower, you will still get the high around.

“The Institute for Fiscal Studies thinks this will effect over three million households with an average loss of £1,800 a year,” martin said.

“The only people who will lose out are those who’d get more on benefits, but don’t start their claim until universal credit has been introduced, in which case they’ll get the new lower amount.”

Martin said everyone who thinks they are eligible should check now.

You can use this calculator from Entitledto, a company that provides online benefits calculators, to work out whether or not you would gain under universal credit based on your circumstances.

Martin also revealed how you can get a free will on the programme today.

He said: “If you’re getting a will – the gold standard is to have it drafted by a solicitor. Last week I talked about Free Wills Month – where in over 60 locations across England, Wales and Scotland anyone over the age of 55 can get a free solicitor-drafted will. Throughout October it’s totally free but they hope you’ll make a bequest to one of the sponsoring charities. 

“Yet next month the even bigger scheme, Will Aid launches and importantly it’s open to all ages, and is across the UK. Yet it gets booked up quickly. So go on the website now and you can pre-book your appointment with a solicitor for then.  When you call though, do tell it you’re calling as part of the Will Aid scheme.

“Yet this one isn’t free – solicitors are giving up their time for free in the hope you’ll make a donation of around £95 (£150 for couples) that’s split across nine charities they support including Action Aid, NSPCC and the British Red Cross. 

Donate online before your appointment, and print out the receipt to take with you to the solicitors to show you’ve made it. If you can’t afford it, you can give less, don’t game it though as it is a charity event.”

Martin recency revealed whether it is cheaper to turn heating on and off, or leave it on all day.

Source : EXPRESS

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