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Las Vegas police admit their timeline for shooting was inaccurate – World

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told reporters Friday that police now agree with information released yesterday by MGM Resorts International and that Stephen Paddock shot and wounded a security guard in the Mandalay Bay hotel hallway around the same time he began to shoot at the concert crowd. 

It was the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history.

On Monday, police had said Paddock sprayed 200 rounds into the hallway, wounding unarmed security guard Jesus Campos in the leg. They had said that six minutes later he unleashed his barrage of bullets on the festival crowd.

That six-minute gap raised questions as to whether police and hotel security could have acted more quickly to prevent casualties in the Oct. 1 attack.

Today, Lombardo said he’s “not in conflict” with MGM’s statement yesterday. The hotel chain, which owns the Mandalay Bay, said Thursday that no more than 40 seconds passed between the time Campos called for help and Paddock opened fire on the crowd.

The timeline of events now has 9:59 p.m. as the time Campos encountered a barricaded door adjacent to the door to Paddock’s room. Lombardo said Campos then ascended to another floor in order to get to the hallway of Paddock’s 32nd-floor suite. About 10:05 shots were fired through the door, wounding Campos, Lombardo said.

He said that is also the time that Paddock began his initial volley of fire from the hotel window. “No one is attempting to hide anything,” Lombardo told reporters.

When police arrived on the 32nd-floor, at 10:17, Lombardo said the firing had already ceased.

45 injured still in hospital

Police said Paddock killed 58 people. Today Lombardo put the number of injured at 546, with 45 still in hospital, some with critical injuries.

LASVEGAS-SHOOTING/  Las Vegas police admit their timeline for shooting was inaccurate – World lasvegas shooting

New billboards have been posted on Las Vegas Boulevard South near the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign. (Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun/Reuters)

Lombardo, the Clark County sheriff who oversees the Las Vegas police, also said Paddock shot “with intent” at aviation-fuel tanks at McCarran International Airport, near the Mandalay Bay hotel.

He said the airport is reviewing safety measures and has contacted experts in fuel storage, but that there’s a low probability aviation fuel could be ignited by gunfire.

Lombardo told reporters that an autopsy of Paddock found nothing unusual during a visual inspection, but his brain was shipped to a facility for closer examination.

Authorities haven’t determined why Paddock opened fire on the concert crowd before shooting himself. Some believed an autopsy could shed light on any medical problems that could have contributed.
FBI Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse said investigators have found no signs that Paddock had any extreme ideologies or connections with any groups.

LAS VEGAS white doves released to honor mass shooting victims  Las Vegas police admit their timeline for shooting was inaccurate – World las vegas white doves released to honor mass shooting victims

In Las Vegas on Oct. 7, 58 white doves are released in honour of the victims of the mass shooting.

Source : cbc

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