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Get Your Man to Propose Fast – Stop the Endless Waiting Game

Are you looking to get your man to propose, sooner rather than later? I am shocked at the amount of folks who are locked into a relationship where the man is not showing any signs of making a solid commitment, It is time to stop the madness and get your man to propose fast.

How Not to Get Your Man to Propose Fast

Let me ask you a quick question – what have you tried so far to get the attention of your boyfriend, to really get him to see why he needs to go ahead and make the commitment with you?

Commonly, I hear the answers range from abstaining from physical activity, to ignoring him to make him see “what he is missing.”

I want to share with you that this approach, though very common, does not work. How do I know it does not work? I am a man, and I refused to get engaged and ultimate married for over 10 years. My girlfriend tried all the common methods with me, and all they did was drive me further away, not closer!

Why Men Withdraw Further Away When You “Punish” Them

Frankly, it all comes down to pride and decision making for a man, especially one who is in no hurry to get engaged or married. Most of these men will put up their guard and get very defensive when you try to take control of the situation.

In these cases, your boyfriend is more likely to start spending more time with their friends than with you, as sort of a way of punishing you back. Over as short of a time as one to two weeks, this can become an ingrained habit, and suddenly your relationship could be in trouble. All because the mans pride will get in the way of his mind in most cases.

Here are a few other things to avoid doing that will rain down on a mans pride and slow down any decision process:

  1. The Ultimatum – Another common tactic is setting a deadline and saying “if we are not engaged by this date, I am leaving.” All this has done is give your man an easy out.
  2. Guilt Pressure – Guilt pressure is when you start dropping hints about how “everyone else” is married or engaged, and pressuring your man to conform to others. This will only drive him away.
  3. Emotional Pressure – Some women feel that if they break down and cry enough in front of their man, he will cave. Reality is, we see this as a big sign of weakness, and will only take advantage of this in the long run.

So what can you do that will help you get engaged, get your ring, and get on with your life together? You have to let your boyfriend come to the decision completely on their own!

Now, there are ways to really speed up your man coming to that decision, and none of them involve cutting him off, or pressuring him, or setting ultimatums.

The Big Key to Getting Your Man to Propose

Here is the big key: start acting like a man! Men typically think they are the greatest people in the world, and what could be more appealing to a guy than a woman, who he already likes since he is in a relationship with her, who acts like him! Dive into his interests. Focus on his hobbies for a little while. Start to understand what makes him tick, mimic it, and you are on your way.

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