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Moaning ex Scottish first minister says Brexit is ‘tearing UK apart’ | UK | News

Moaning ex Scottish first minister says Brexit is ‘tearing UK apart’ | UK | News 830027 1

Moaning ex Scottish first minister says Brexit is ‘tearing UK apart’ | UK | News 468x60 club cash banner

Henry McLeish, first minister from 2000 to 2001, said the UK’s decision to leave the European Union was a “pointless distraction” from more pressing matters.

Speaking on Good Morning Scotland on the BBC, Mr McLeish attacked pro-Brexit Conservative politicians adding issues such as housing and climate change would be swept under the carpet. 

The Scottish Labour Party politician said: “Brexit at the present time is tearing Britain apart. 

“We see a pointless distraction from some of the big issues we face.

“It seems for some zealots within the Conservative party, on the right of the Conservative party, the mere fact of leaving the EU is a benefit in itself, now that’s a nonsense. 

“On the other hand, there’s not a day that unfolds without some other potential problem emerging and I think the point is enough is enough because we see Brexit taking us towards a catastrophe.

“There are no perceived benefits and in the meantime, we see negotiations in Brussels going nowhere.

“We see a cabinet in government at Westminster shambolically handling the affairs and you know, one of the big issues for me is that over the next two years, parliament in London will face seven bills about exiting the European Union

“What happens then to housing? What happens then to climate change? What happens to the big issues that Britain faces? 

“They’ll be in the cupboard while we pursue this pointless distraction, so that’s why I think it’s time to take stock and try and get our politicians to move in another direction.”

Meanwhile, the architect of Article 50 has called for the Brexit process to be halted and warned the “disastrous consequences” are “becoming ever clearer”.

Former diplomat Lord Kerr, who drafted the “get-out” clause in the Lisbon Treaty in 2003, claimed Britain’s international reputation has been tarnished since the vote.

He joined more than 60 other high-profile politicians, influential academics and leading figures to pressure the Government to legally revoke its decision to trigger the exit clause. 

The Government has previously argued in court the move to trigger Article 50 last March is irreversible but Supreme Court Justice Lord Kerr has urged a pause and rethink in an open letter.

British officials shrugged off criticism of David Davis’ flying visit to Brussels which included talks with his European Union counterpart Michel Barnier that lasted less than two hours.

The Department for Exiting the European Union said the Brexit secretary’s fleeting trip to the Belgian capital was perfectly normal in international negotiations and added he was in constant contact with his negotiating team. 

Source : EXPRESS

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