Review: Filthy Gorgeous, Aberdeen – Evening Express

Review: Filthy Gorgeous, Aberdeen – Evening Express gorgeous4

Buy some kale, make sure it’s organic, take it home, open your bin and throw it in – you don’t need this rubbish in your life.”

That’s some way of being introduced to a restaurant but a fitting way to describe the attitude of this joint.

Pink and yellow neon lights proclaim this establishment as “Filthy Gorgeous” outside the front door. The menu does just the same.

We’d slipped into this place from the dark side streets of Aberdeen’s city centre and shook off the rain from a dreich and miserable week night.

What we needed was some good old-fashioned belly-filling food.

We weren’t disappointed when the A4 size menu was dropped on our table.

There are burgers, burgers, burgers galore, with all the toppings you could imagine.

gorgoues3  Review: Filthy Gorgeous, Aberdeen – Evening Express gorgoues3

You can get a patty piled with anything from maple syrup to pickled onion Monster Munch.

“Honey Nut Cheerios…on a burger!?” Paula said, half-gasping.

Don’t worry if you’re not feeling adventurous though because there are plenty of classic combos too, just with a wee twist.

All the creations have playful names like Tupork Shakur – which is sprinkled with Frazzles – or Wasabi Wan Kenobi.

The room is dark and small with that stripped-back industrial feel which is becoming increasingly common, but perhaps a bit tired.

Tables were filled with groups of student-looking types and young couples.

There’s a small bar which serves local and international craft beers as well as a good selection of cocktails.

We were umming and aah-ing over the menu for ages.

There was so much goodness to choose from we even forgot to think of what we would be drinking. When the waitress came over – beaming smile and clutching her notepad – we had to go through that routine of “oh sorry no, just two more minutes”.

Now I’m a fan of red ales. Particular favourites are Red Kite from Black Isle Brewery or 5am Saint from BrewDog.

So I opted for a Tiny Rebel Cwtch, which hails from Wales and has a richness as deep as its valleys. Paula went for a schooner of whatever was on draught. Pabst Blue Ribbon. We weren’t told, but it was a crisp lager from what we could tell. Thumbs up.

Both were served by a tall lad with long hair flowing down his back, pouring to the sounds of Led Zeppelin.

Gorgeous2  Review: Filthy Gorgeous, Aberdeen – Evening Express Gorgeous2

Food time and I’d settled on a spicy chilli burger while Paula went for a Truffle Shuffle, which was layered with Swiss cheese, truffled onions with truffled cheese sauce. Mine hit the spot. Chilli rellenos, cholula sauce, chilli jack cheese, crumbled feta and guacomole.

To be honest I didn’t know what some of those toppings were when I ordered, but it tasted fine.

The patty was moist and fell to bits with the melted cheese clinging to the bun. And the heat from the chillis crept up to just the right level. Not over the top, but I kept wanting a sip of my beer to cool off a wee bit.

Bacon glazed donuts.  Review: Filthy Gorgeous, Aberdeen – Evening Express gorgeous1
Bacon glazed donuts.

I’m not one for desserts, but Paula was in the mood and settled on mini donuts with ice cream. To her surprise – despite the name – they came with little bits of bacon. They were called bacon glazed donuts. I loved them. The smokiness worked really well with the ice cream. Filthy, gorgeous.

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