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'What sort of patriotism is that?' Tory MP shuts down Remain heckler for BOOING Brexit

'What sort of patriotism is that?' Tory MP shuts down Remain heckler for BOOING Brexit 756985 1

The Conservative MP was part of a panel on Radio 4’s Any Questions? and was responding to a question about how long it would take for the public to “feel a positive change in everyday life”.

The Brexiteer replied: “Well I think lots of people felt it on the 24th June when they realised they got their country back.”

The response was met with a mixture of applause and booing from the audience on the debate show, which was broadcast from Bourton-on-theWater, Gloucestershire.

But Mr Rees-Mogg continued: “I think that’s very important – that getting our country back, getting our democracy back, being in control of our own future, not getting laws sent down to us from Brussels, and with European judges telling us what to do.

“That’s a fantastic repatriation of power and I’m in favour of putting the United Kingdom first. I think ours is a great country and we should be able to do things for ourselves.”

His response sparked another mixed reaction from the audience before picking out one man for booing.

“I’m absolutely fascinated that the gentleman there boos his country being put first what sort of patriotism is that?” the Leave campaigner asked.

“I think the country has voted as a whole and as Edmund Burke said, we are not ambassadors from our individual areas going to essentially the United Nations, we are there for the interests of the whole country.

“And the answer to the gentleman there is not that you’ve had your rights taken away but it’s democracy and Leave won and now the Government is implementing it.”

Also on the panel was shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, who criticised Theresa May’s Brexit speech.

The Labour MP said: “You are not going to see a practical, positive improvement in your lives and living standards anytime soon as a result of voting to leave. You may not even see fewer immigrants – which is what it was supposed to be about.

“And why I say this is precisely because of Theresa May’s speech and the trajectory she’s taking us on. It is one thing to leave the EU… but it’s how you leave the EU.

“You can leave the EU and become a kind of Norway with reasonable living standards, reasonable wages, proper social and environmental protections or you can leave the EU and become the Cayman Islands, with a very small group of super wealthy lawyers and businessman and the rest of the people with very limited job, social and environmental protections indeed.”

Source : EXPRESS

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