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Executive Protection – Operations Manual

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An Operations Manual (OpsMan) should show your executive protection (EP) team members the principles directly linked to your protection procedures whether your team belongs to a police VIP protection unit or private executive protection unit. The OpsMan should describe the EP mission, roles, positions, organization, and command structure.

The OpsMan should also assist the EP team to plan and prepare for assignments. It should help EP members to adapt to standard operating procedures (SOPs) to any given situation in the field, by using the knowledge, skills, judgment, and SOPs contained in the manual.

All EP team members should be trained on the procedures within the OpsMan. Training should include sufficient instructors, training devices, aids, equipment, documents, facilities, and associated software to assure mission requirements are met. Training shall include detailed field operations descriptions, operations scenarios during each mission phase, and contingencies. The instructors utilizing the OpsMan should also describe the role of the EP team in the protection of clients confident, competent teams through tough, realistic training.

At the tactical level the OpsMan should provide best practices for EP agents when protecting clients, VIPs or dignitaries. It should also focus on how to perform a detailed advance for a safe mission environment.

EP, protective coverage, security and client care should be the dominant consideration when making your OpsMan. Because it is emphasized a lot throughout EP mission planning and during EP execution. The OpsMan should help minimize potential threats to your clients and help the EP team make consistent protection decision in the field. Keep safe and God speed.

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