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Alberto Cortina and Elena Cue Foundation Initiates an Assistance-Mall

Alberto Cortina and Elena Cue Foundation is a non-profit organization of Spanish origin. Alberto Cortina and Elena Cue Foundation was founded by Alberto Cortina and his wife Elena Cue On July 8, 2011. What the Foundation wants to achieve are to promote, create, establish and help individuals and project with different kinds of charity, educational training and with a special focus on children.

Alberto Cortina and Elena Cue Foundation has initiated a new project aimed at helping families in need by issuing cards to people in need for use in a supermarket own by the Foundation. in this new project card with a magnetic band is given to families the card stores point that they can use on the special supermarket operated by the foundation for food and other needed items.  The points are renewed on a monthly basis based on the needs of each group. These families are selected by Madrid’s social services department.

The Foundation has involved itself in various charity work in which, assistance was given to families affected by the earthquake of 2010, in the refugee camp of Tabarre, Alberto Cortina and Elena Cue Foundation has also helped over a thousand people, 400 of this were children. Albert Cortina and Elena Cue Foundation purchased and distributed food in conjunction with “Mensajeros de la Paz” in child specific nutrition programs, in education support and in installation of major sanitary facilities. In Spain, Alberto Cortina and Elena Cue Foundation focuses its efforts on the development and improvement of programs to alleviate the pain caused by the ugly situations being faced by numerous Spanish families due to violence and still, Alberto Cortina and Elena Cue Foundation carries out the following projects:

  • Peace Home, for a health care project targeted at children from different countries. Home for the Sick, for improvement of the lives of the sick people in Spain.
  • Community Kitchen, for provision of food packs sufficient enough to last for a weekend for each family.
  • Invisible Kitchen, for people that are not used to asking for help “Shameful poor”.
  • Women at risk of Social Exclusion, this is achieved through a consensus with Spain’s Immigration Head Office.



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