BILL Bailey took his enthusiastic and very entertaining Limboland tour to the Music Hall.

In his first of two shows in Aberdeen, the 51-year-old covered a wide range of topics from his own spin on politics in Britain to a song about movements in Eastern Europe with the analogy of chickens marching on Kiev.

Throughout the two-hour show the Never Mind the Buzzcocks panellist entertained the crowd with his musical talents – at one point playing a Rammstein song on his Bible box guitar.

In front of a packed crowd, the comedian didn’t disappoint on the music front by offering his own depressed version of Happy Birthday and Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball by the way of Kraftwerk.

Over the two-part show, Bill spoke about his Travels and had the audience in stitches with a story about a family trip to see the Northern Lights in Norway.

The best was saved for last when the comedian spoke about meeting Sir Paul McCartney backstage at a gig where he and his friend Kev buckled under the pressure and made themselves look like fools in front of the Beatles legend.