FEARS are being expressed that construction traffic could ’cause chaos’ in Gourock when the schools go back next week.
Local people have complained about the routes being taken by large trucks going to and from the housebuilding site at the top of Kirn Drive.
Inverdunning Ltd are currently putting up 35 houses on the site of the former Kempock House old people’s home.
This is happening at the same time as a new £9.2 million St Ninian’s Primary is being built on the old red blaes pitches at the foot, or George Road section, of Kirn Drive, and Moorfoot Primary is also being modernised up at the other end.
One Local resident said: “A traffic management plan has been produced for the work being done at St Ninian’s and Moorfoot, but it doesn’t include the trucks going to and from the house-building site, which caused problems about a month before the schools broke up for the holidays.
“There are big trucks carrying large prefabricated frames going along Shore Street and up St John’s Road and Barrhill Road to get to Kirn Drive.
“And they are also going via Inverkip Road and up past Inverclyde Royal to get through the awkward Larkfield Road junction into George Road and then Kirn Drive.
“It doesn’t seem right that they should be on these roads at particularly busy times.
“And this is especially the case when you also consider the construction traffic needed for the work going on at the schools.”
Work on the new St Ninian’s started on June 24 and will last around a year.
The £5m refurbishment of Moorfoot will take longer than expected because asbestos was discovered during early work in June.
Moorfoot staff and pupils are decanted at the former Sacred Heart Primary in Greenock, but the school’s nursery is still on site in temporary accommodation.
Work was supposed to be completed in March next year.
Kirn Drive may be widened in future if plans are approved for Inverdunning to build around around 110 private houses in the area, most of them at the George Road end, as well as about 61 ‘affordable’ social houses for rent at Earnhill Road.
A council spokesman said today: “There are traffic management plans in place for both the St Ninian’s and Moorfoot schools sites designed to minimise disruption to the Local community while work is going on.
“The council has been liaising with the private developer in the area on similar arrangements.
“If anyone has any concerns about the situation they are welcome to contact us and we will investigate.”