From the outside it dominates the street with the large wooden painted panels and the immaculately cleaned granite, yet on the inside it is a quaint boozer bustling with people enjoying themselves after a hard week’s graft.

As I jostle for position at the bar I notice the array of beers and spirits on offer from around the world and across the North-east.

After careful deliberation I go for an Edinburgh Gin and tonic (£4.40), while my three pals go for a bottle of Peroni (£3.50), an Elrick Gin and tonic (£4.40) and double Smirnoff and lemonade (£6.30).

As I made my way back to the booth-like area we sat in it is hard to miss the mixture of people in the city bar.

From Business men and women to a couple in drinking with two of their dogs, there is also a group of pals sitting in a semi-circle facing one of the large TVs.

This truly is a pub with character and also a pub with several characters in it.