A new Website encouraging students to register to vote has launched a tool to help them decide whether to cast their vote at home or university.

Under voter registration rules, students are allowed to be registered both at home and their university. The new tool uses data compiled by Matt Morley to show students if their vote will be ‘more influential’ at home or university.


The founder of the innovative site told us he devised the idea after his sister sought advice on where to vote.

“Being the political nerd I looked it up,” Morley said.

“After realising that no site was making this process easy and that hundreds of thousands of students could potentially be impacted by this, we decided to build it.”

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This is done by identifying swing seats and safe seats using data from the last election, polls and census data and calculating which postcode has more impact.

The Website is part of the #TurnUp campaign to encourage voter registration, and has compared over 250,000 postcodes already.

If you aren’t a student, don’t despair. Explaain, the company behind the Website, is creating a similar site for all voters.

The new site, which launches Monday, will include the same postcode power indicator, a voter advice application for seeing who you best match and a no-nonsense guide to your area that practically lays out the options you have based on issues you care about.